Hello out there and welcome to my web site. If you’ve been here before you’ll notice I finally got a new picture, a color one yet! Now I’ve got to figure out how to make the background less stark so it doesn’t appear as if I’m looking in at you through a window, like a peeping tom. Now that I’ve creeped you out...Hey, maybe I could photo shop in one of those height measurement charts behind me, you know, make it look like a mug shot. Then I could put in a mark just above my head that says 77 inches so you’d think I’m a strapping 6’4”, instead of a height-challenged 5’8”, and shrinking. At 6’4” I’d be as tall as my son. 

But....if this is your first visit because you googled me --- which sounds obscene but actually feels quite good --- then you probably already know that I’m a stand-up comedian. Or maybe you aimlessly stumbled onto this website while stoned or drunkenly hit the wrong key --- as I frequently do --- then just so you know not only am I a stand-up comedian but I also wrote, directed and appeared in an independent film comedy called, A Lousy 10 Grand.

Oh, and I also co-wrote the title song, The Middle Class Blues (with Glenn and Emily Smith).

AND....before this year is out, (2013 if you just came out of a coma), will see the release of Oktay Ortabasi’s and my latest indy film, Too Hip For The Room. It’s a drama, super low-to-no- budget and shot pseudo documentary style.

Now that I got that bit of chest-thumping out of the way it’s time to take a tour.

From the menu bar above click on whatever piques your curiosity. If you click on BBC SERIES, MORE CLIPS, EVEN MORE CLIPS and YET MORE CLIPS you can view scenes from my show that ran for six years in the U.K. and on the A&E Channel in the U.S. I’ve even added an extra clip to the More Clips section so there’s a bonus for all the aficionados out there (both of you).

Be warned, in the future I may add even more clips. It’ll be under the heading, “ENOUGH with the clips already!

Continuing on, the photo gallery is kind of a kick. Along with new photos I also posted some copies of newspaper ads from when I first started my stand-up career working in strip clubs.

Before you take off on the tour though, scroll down to view the trailer of A Lousy 10 Grand. Then you can download the complete film for only $4.99! Yes, you heard me right. $4.99, about the cost of a triple latte. By the way, if you visit the “Lousy 10 Grand web site and you want the music to stop, there’s an icon of a speaker on the lower right hand corner of the site.  You’ll have to scroll down to see it. Just click on the speaker icon and the music will slowly fade. Pretty clever, huh?

UPDATE!  In a previous post I promised that if you went to the web site,, you could buy a DVD of the film which I would personally sign and send to you. Unfortunately due to supply problems, I only have a few DVD’s left. Once they’re gone I will no longer be able to offer that service. However you can still download it from the site or go directly through the distributor or even rent it on Netflix, which my relatives recently did. That they no longer speak to me is in no way a reflection on the film.


Wherever you decide to go on my site I hope you enjoy your tour and look forward to having you visit again soon. Before you go be sure and check out my blog as I update it periodically. You can follow along as I bounce around the world.  Or just sit at home and veg.

Thanks for dropping by.












  To view a trailer of A Lousy 10 Grand click here

Had enough? NO?! OMG, okay then to view a montage of some of my appearances on The Tonight Show with the Daddy of them all, Johnny Carson, then click on the pic.

(But not on his tie. For some reason that pisses him off.)

      Now that you’ve purchased my film, (just testing to see

      if this ‘power of suggestion’ stuff works), and you’ve

      watched the BBC clips but are still jonesing for more

      Kelly Monteith then you’ll want to watch my appearance

      on David Letterman so quick, click on the pic.

To purchase a copy of “A Lousy 10 Grand”, click on the poster. That will take you to the web site and follow the instructions. Again, if you want the music to stop, click on the little speaker icon.