Saturday, 10th December 2022

Types of Comedy


Comedy is the imitation of human behavior in an exaggerated or mocking manner. A comic dramatist represents common mistakes of people in life in the most absurd and scornful manner possible. But the beholders are never satisfied with this type of portrayal. The ultimate goal of comedy is to make the beholder laugh.

Comedy is an extremely popular literary form. Its appeal is broad and appeals to a wide variety of audiences. It is often a lighthearted style of writing, with a happy ending. It also has the advantage of allowing writers to explore a variety of topics and styles. Comedy, which is often referred to as satire, is one of the oldest forms of entertainment.

Slapstick is a type of physical comedy, which has been around for centuries. The physicality of this style is essential for the comedy, and sometimes it includes dialogue and sound effects. Slapstick is typically lowbrow and reflects the idea of the “slap” sound: a real person hitting someone. This style of comedy originated in ancient Greek theater.

Another form of comedy is deadpan. A comedian who delivers funny lines while pretending to be serious is considered deadpan. This style is often used in dramas and comedy. It’s also the preferred style of actors.

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