3m Car Protection Film

3m car protection film  is designed to help preserve the appearance of vehicles by reducing the effects of stone chips, road debris, bug damage, scratches, weathering and chemical stains. It is easy to install and can be removed or replaced without harming the vehicle’s finish. It helps to preserve resale value and can save on costly repair bills down the road. It is virtually invisible and clear coated to help resist yellowing and staining. It is recommended for high wear areas of the vehicle such as the hood, fender end cap, rocker panel, side mirrors and pillars.

Is 3M film on car worth it?

It is a durable, maintenance-free protective coating with an attractive, transparent matte finish. It can be applied to glossy or matte paint finishes and helps preserve the depth of color on your vehicle. It can also be used on the bumper to protect against minor dents and scratches. It resists fading, cracking, yellowing and discoloration better than other products.

XPEL is the market leader in paint protection films and offers premium quality products that feature a wide range of coverage options, colors, finishes, and warranty lengths. The company’s products outperform competing brands in many ways, including self-healing technology that allows it to iron out light scratches and swirls with heat application. They are also designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, such as gravel, salt and chemicals, and provide long-term durability and performance.

XPEL products are available through their global network of certified installers, who specialize in the design and installation of automotive paint protection. They offer a wide variety of vehicle coverage options, colors and finishes to meet every customer’s needs. They can also be customized to specific applications.


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