4life Transfer Factor Plus Review

The company offers products that are designed to boost the immune system, including 4life transfer factor plus. The product contains a proprietary formula of protein-based transfer factors as well as additional immune-modulating ingredients. It also includes beta-glucans, cordyceps extract and olive leaf extract. The products can be found in various forms. The 4life transfer factor plus product contains the UltraFactor XF and OvoFactor formulations. The UltraFactor XF is the company’s concentrate of proteins and peptides from bovine colostrum while the OvoFactor is a concentration of proteins and peptides from chicken egg yolk.

Are transfer factors safe?

The products are meant to provide a healthy alternative to more traditional nutritional supplements. The company says that the products help to promote balanced immune system support and improve the body’s natural killer cell activity. The company claims that it also helps the body to recognize and respond to potential threats. In addition, it supposedly helps the body to “remember” how to defend itself against similar threats in the future. Read More : mamazillablog.com

In addition, the company claims that 4life transfer factor plus can be used to help prevent aging and chronic diseases. It also suggests that the product can be used to help with weight loss.

The company’s website provides detailed information about the product and the science behind it. It also includes testimonials and other scientific research. In addition, the company has received several warnings from the Federal Trade Commission to avoid making misleading claims about its products.

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