About Kelly

Kelly Monteith

Kelly Monteith is an American writer and comedian who is best known for her work on the comedy show Kelly Monteith on BBC. She was also a star of the show. Her writing style is a unique blend of satire and realism. She has won numerous awards for her work, including three Emmy nominations.

She started her career in the 1970s as a guest on NBC’s The Tonight Show and the BBC’s Des O’Connor Tonight. She then had a short-lived variety show on CBS. Eventually, she was offered her own series by the BBC, which ran for six seasons. In the show, Monteith broke the fourth wall and gave her audience a glimpse of her dressing room before each scene. The series was a hit, and she won the prestigious Silver Rose for her work at the Montreux Television Festival.

The sitcom’s format was based on the daily life of a stand-up comedian. While the show often focused on a fictionalized version of Monteith, it was a comedy that often deviated into “adult” topics. The show’s format, though, was quite different in its final year.

The first series was popular, but series six strayed too far into edgy territory. Its constant sex talk eroded the family-friendly image that the show had before.