Long Canvas Prints

long canvas prints

You’ve likely seen large stretched canvas prints in restaurants, retail spaces, and even offices, as they’re a great alternative to framed art or photography. Not only are they lightweight and cost-effective, but they also work in every room and create a gallery-style display without the hassle of traditional framing. With their modern look and gallery-wrapped edges, long canvas prints allow your inner home-designer to play while creating a dynamic visual centerpiece for your space.

What Are Long Canvas Prints?

As their name suggests, long canvas prints are a type of giclee-printed photo on a canvas that’s a bit longer than other wall decor. Designed to retain all the details of your image, these long canvas prints are popular for displaying panoramic views and photographs in places like above mantels, in long hallways or as stand-alone wall art.

How to Create a Long Canvas Print

When it comes to creating your long canvas print, you’ll start with high-resolution pictures. Ideally, these should be shot with a digital camera or scanned using a professional scanner to produce the highest quality. If you’re using the image to recreate an original piece of artwork, however, it’s important to have a photograph or scan that accurately represents the colors and textures of the original painting.

You’ll then use your custom image to create a gallery-wrapped canvas, which will be delivered to you ready to hang. The canvas will be protected by a moisture-resistant coating and archival inks that help it resist fading for years to come.