Comedy Movies for Bad Days

Comedy movies

Comedy movies often start with a familiar premise and twist it up to make you laugh. For instance, “Some Like It Hot” is a comedy about two broke men who pretend to be women and get involved in a Chicago gangland murder. This movie has been a classic for more than 50 years and continues to entertain audiences.

The Coen brothers are known for their comedy, and this film is no different. The premise of the film is that two people want to conduct a private social experiment, using two men as guinea pigs. Dan Aykroyd is wealthy and plays the role of a rich man, while Eddie Murphy plays the role of a small-time swindler. When the two men get together, they discover that the other is the source of the scheme.

“Bridesmaids” is another ensemble comedy film. The film showed that ensemble comedy movies could be successful. It garnered two Oscar nominations, including Best Supporting Actress, and even won the supporting actress Oscar. The storyline is very relatable, and you will laugh along with the characters’ antics.

Comedy movies have a wide variety of genres. Some are purely funny, and others are more scary. For instance, the movie “Beetlejuice” by Tim Burton straddles the line between comedy and horror. In this comedy, a couple from New England dies in a car accident, but their spirits emerge from the wreck and move into their home. Luckily, they are helped by the ghost world. Its charismatic monster, Beetlejuice, is a great example.

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