Engraved Electrical Panel Labels

Electrical panel labels are required for equipment and facilities in many industries to provide information about what is connected, what the power ratings are, operating procedures and potential hazards.Engraved electrical panel labels for breaker panels can be used to efficiently identify equipment or create custom labelling for an entire system of controls or wiring. They help prevent mistaking incorrectly wired breaker switches or confusing the connections of multiple devices in a large system, saving time and effort when trying to resolve issues like tripped breakers and other power failures.

What are phenolic labels made of?

When selecting electrical labels for your facility, it is important to take into account regulatory standards and your hardware layout. Labels are typically selected for their resistance to the elements and their ability to convey the necessary information in a safe manner. Some of the key considerations include:

Phenolic labels are an excellent option for labeling electrical panels because they offer a high level of insulation, preventing unintended electricity conductivity and potentially dangerous errors. They are also highly resistant to corrosion from a wide range of chemicals, including acids, solvents and cleaning agents. This makes them a great choice for laboratory and manufacturing settings, where chemical exposure is common. Phenolic labelling is also an effective option for environments where physical stress may cause mechanical abrasion or rough handling.

A newer mounting option for engraved labels is magnetic, which can be used to mount both plastic and metal tags. Magnetic engraved labels are a good choice when you need a label that can be easily removed, repositioned or replaced, or if the surface on which the label is being mounted must be cleaned frequently.

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