How to Clean Up and Remodify Your Home After a Flood


Cleaning up after a flood is an arduous task, but if you take the right steps it can be done quickly and safely.

The first thing you want to do is assess the damage and make sure your home is safe. That means determining if the water was above the electrical outlets or gas lines. If it was, call an electrician to turn off the electricity before entering the affected area. Read more

You should also remove all furniture and other belongings from the flooded areas. Even if you plan to store them, toss any that are still wet and ruined, as well as any that are soaked with mud or have a mold problem.

Once you’ve removed all of the items in question, set them up in a designated spot that will allow them to dry. You may also be able to salvage certain items, like wood furniture.

To clean up, use a diluted bleach solution on surfaces and objects that have been exposed to floodwater. Be careful with this mixture, as it can corrode metal.

After the Deluge: A Step-by-Step Guide to Cleaning and Restoring Your Home Post-Flood

Be sure to wear gloves, rubber boots and long-sleeved clothing while cleaning, as the water and debris can be filled with bacteria that can make you sick. In addition, cover your body with a HEPA-rated mask and protective eyewear if you notice mold on surfaces or in your home.

Once the initial cleanup is complete, you can begin the repairs needed to restore your home to its previous state. Depending on the level of the damage, this may be as simple as replacing damaged flooring or walls and broken possessions, or it could require major construction or reconstruction. If you aren’t prepared to handle the repair work yourself, get in touch with a restoration contractor.

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