How to Make an Egg Basket in World of Warcraft

egg basket

Whether you have a small backyard flock or multiple coops to check every day, this sturdy basket can hold all the eggs you need and resist corrosion over time. It has a broad base to accommodate dozens of eggs, but it’s also great for storing hand towels, napkins, and seasonal decorations. The liner is easy to remove and machine washable for added convenience. Buy it now.

Farmhouse Charm: Embrace the Tradition of an Egg Basket in Your Kitchen

The egg basket is a structure in Salmon Run that serves as a container for Golden Eggs and can be seen during the Salmon Run Next Wave event. Players who place a certain amount of Golden Eggs into the basket before a wave ends receive pay for their work. The egg basket can be found in two locations, one for mid and high tide waves.

This simple basket is made from four basic parts: the hoops, the lashing or “eye”, the ribs and the weaving. In this pattern the hoops are made with #5 round reed, the eye is made from a God’s Eye using 3/16″ flat reed and the ribs and weaving are #2 round reed. After making the ribs cut them a little longer than needed. This will allow the rib to lay behind the God’s Eye and touch the lashing around the hoops.

Weave over and under each rib until the center of your basket is complete. If the space left to weave is uneven add extra rows on either end of your basket. Tuck the ends of your weavers like a splice to finish the basket.

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