IPQS Bot Detection

IPQS bot detection

Bot detection is the key to stopping malicious bot traffic on your website, API, and ad campaigns. It helps you protect your site, apps, and APIs from automated non-human behavior that can place orders with stolen credit cards, deplete ad campaign budgets, create fake or duplicate accounts, scrape sensitive data, and facilitate account takeover attacks.

IPQS bot detection is an intelligent tool that analyzes incoming clicks, traffic, and user information to identify scripted attacks, high risk behavior, automated browsing, and other signals of non-human activity. It then automatically blocks unwanted traffic in real-time to protect your site and ensure a positive user experience.

IPQS Bot Detection: Protect Your Business from Fraudulent Activities and Malicious Bots

Prevent ad fraud, chargebacks, and ecommerce fraud by scoring users based on device fingerprinting techniques and high risk behavior patterns. Easily identify fake accounts, credential stuffing, chargebacks, spoofed devices, location spoofing, and other fraudulent behavior that hurts your business ROI.

Integrate accurate web device fingerprinting for desktop and mobile traffic with just a few lines of code. Get it setup on your website or mobile app in minutes and start scoring users without friction for legitimate users.

JavaScript Device Fingerprinting (SDK):

Scan over 300 data points about a user’s device to accurately identify hijacked or fake virtual devices, location spoofing, and high risk behaviors like bots & automated behavior. Use it on a standalone basis or integrate it into your site or app with our easy to use SDKs for Android and iOS.

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