Rainbow Crossing Design


Decorative Crossing rainbow crossing is a pedestrian crosswalk painted in the colors of the rainbow flag to promote inclusion and diversity. A number of such crossings have been created in recent years. They often debut around gay pride events or as part of municipal LGBTIQ community programs.

A new rainbow crossing has been installed at RAF Brize Norton in the UK as part of a wider revamp of walking routes on the base. It is the first rainbow crossing on a military establishment in the country. Its ties to the LGBTQIA community are strong, but it has also been used as a way of saying thanks to emergency services during Covid-19.

Designing Inclusivity: The Creative Process of Rainbow Crossing Installation

As one of the first permanent rainbow crossings, Sydney’s was a hit, drawing crowds and making a national splash, especially since it debuted the day before the Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage. Its popularity was short-lived, however, and the crossing was hosed down by council workers shortly after its installation. This inspired the DIY rainbow crossing movement, in which people chalk their own crosses on roads on a guerilla basis.

A Philadelphia rainbow crossing was first spotted in 2015, in one of the city’s most popular restaurant and club zones, but its wear and tear led to the need for a refresh in 2022. The job of re-painting the intersection was turned over to Traffic & Safety Signs, a Kennett Square firm that usually installs 25-mph legends and 6-inch lane lines for the Philadelphia Department of Transportation. The project cost an estimated $30,000.


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