The Evolution of Orangeries uk

Originally introduced into British homes in the seventeenth century as a way to nurture exotic plants, orangeries have morphed into a unique space that adds value to any property. Combining elements of a conservatory with the structure of a house extension, they bring together skilled masonry work and handcrafted timbers to create a room that is elegant and functional.

How much does it cost to build an orangery?

With the advent of new glass-making technologies in the nineteenth century, a major innovation saw the orangery concept transform from solid walls to a more glazed design – and with that came a central lantern roof. This allowed much more sunlight to flood into the rooms, allowing them to be used for other purposes aside from nurturing plants.

Today, there is a growing trend for orangeries uk to move away from the ornate to a more stripped-back appearance that accentuates the glass walls. This is largely helped by the use of slimline bi-folding doors that when opened can almost seamlessly merge the garden & orangery into one room.

Another major change is in the way these structures are used. Many are now multi-use spaces bringing together family living, dining and entertaining in style. This is further supported by a wide range of furniture options that offer both practicality and an elegant look.

Anyone looking to purchase a quality orangery should look for a tradesman accredited by GGF, FENSA or CERTASS. This will ensure that the company has a good track record and will have a customer base to speak for them. It will also make it easier to verify a company’s accreditations and work standards.

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