The Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence

internet of things future

Every so often a technology comes along that completely changes the game for those who use it. And it’s hard to imagine a more profound transformation than the internet of things.

IoT is the internet of things future used to describe all the devices that connect to the internet and can be tracked, monitored or controlled remotely. The list of possible applications is endless. It includes smart homes, connected heating and lighting that can be controlled via a smartphone or computer, and wearables with sensors that track user data and send that information to other technologies for the purpose of improving life, such as helping first responders get to their destinations more quickly in emergencies, or tracking construction workers’ or firefighters’ vital signs on life-threatening jobs.

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When IoT is combined with artificial intelligence (AI), the result can be revolutionary. AI enables IoT to function in more advanced ways than it could on its own, for example using Machine Learning (ML) and deep learning to analyze data from multiple sources. It’s a powerful combination that is already transforming businesses and economies.

For instance, AI can help make sure a factory is running at maximum efficiency by monitoring all the parts and machines that are part of the production chain. It can also help reduce downtime and improve the quality of products by analyzing data for things like vibrations, temperature, pressure, humidity and power usage. In addition, it can help with a wide range of other tasks, including visual inspections, automated maintenance, and identifying potential problems before they occur.

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