The Land Rover Series I – The Ultimate Off-Road Vehicle

In 1948, two brothers Maurice and Gordon Bashford saw an opportunity to re-enter the motor car business. They had been using a Jeep on their farm, but found that it was worn out and inefficient. They came up with the idea of building a vehicle to be used as a work vehicle.

Who drives a Range Rover?

They set to work, creating a four-wheel drive farm vehicle that was not only capable off-road but also very versatile, especially for the time. It was also very popular.

Its perfectly proportioned design was instantly recognised by all generations and has remained unchanged for almost 60 years, making it a genuine automotive icon. Despite its simple shape, the land rover series i is highly collectable and one of the most sought-after of all Land Rovers. Any survivor that has been restored to a high standard is likely to attract a premium price.

The original Defender was a genuinely tough off-roader and it’s easy to see why: the short wheelbase and front-drive layout means that it was able to navigate the rugged British countryside with ease, while still being perfectly suited to urban living. Its ability to drive through rutted and muddy tracks with aplomb is an asset that has helped it become the global standard in off-roading.

There are now a variety of electric powertrains to choose from, from mild-hybrid to plug-in hybrid options. The electric motor can be adapted for a wide range of outputs, but all of them come with a 150bhp/221lb ft rating and can provide 125 miles of real-world driving.

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