The Lat Spread – How to Do a Proper Front and Rear Lat Spread

how to lat spread

How to lat spread of the most important poses for bodybuilding is the lat spread. Having massive, well-developed lats is essential for a powerful physique and the pose requires a lot of work and effort to master. In this article, we’ll teach you how to do a proper front and rear lat spread so you can impress the judges and audience with your amazing back muscles!

The Lat Spread is an excellent posing exercise to showcase your pecs, shoulders and biceps as well. It can also help build a wide and thick figure-type back. It involves spreading your shoulder blades apart to reveal the full thickness of your latissimus dorsi muscle.

It’s very similar to the shrugging movement, but instead of pulling your shoulders back, you want to drive them down, so they are as far south of your ears as possible. You can even try to move your shoulders forward and slightly upwards if you feel the muscles getting tense. This should create a nice V-taper that shows off the depth and size of your lats.

Mastering the Lat Spread: A Step-by-Step Guide to Perfecting Your Back Pose

You can also increase the size of your lats by incorporating more pulling exercises into your workouts. These include rows with a barbell or dumbbells, bent over barbell rowing with a straight grip, cable rows and pull ups. Increasing the amount of time you train your back muscles will also aid in muscle growth as this increases the total volume of work they are receiving throughout each training session. We recommend aiming to train your back muscles twice a week for best results.

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