What to Look For in a Gym Legging

Gym leggings are designed to keep you warm, dry and comfortable. They should fit snugly around your hips and legs. A high-waistband will keep you upright while you lift, lunge, and squat.

Can you wear leggings all day?

Some gymlegging come with additional features, like pockets for your cell phone or other small items. But before you buy them, you should make sure they are breathable, opaque and durable.

If you are running, walking, hiking, or any other high-impact activity, you need to find gym leggings that will keep you dry and comfortable. You will also need to ensure they are opaque, so you don’t see your underwear.

Many “athleisure” companies blend materials to create moisture-wicking fabrics that are fast-drying. The blends include elastane, polyester, and nylon. These fibers are more durable than cotton.

Runners and outdoor cyclists should look for leggings with reflective details. These help them see better in low light.

Most “athleisure” companies blend elastane with other materials to minimize odor. However, some companies avoid synthetic fibers in favor of natural ones. Natural materials are comfortable and gentle on the skin, but they don’t have the sweat-wicking capabilities of synthetic performance fibers.

High-waistband leggings are ideal for women who need extra support. They don’t move as much as lower-waistband styles. This makes them perfect for exercising.

Leggings made of wicking fabrics are 90% squat-proof. They will wick away sweat and dry quickly, so you won’t get sweat patches after you exercise.

You can choose from a wide range of styles, colors and materials. For more ideas, check out Amazon’s list of best-selling leggings.

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