Women’s Workout Pants

womens workout leggings

Unlike everyday cotton women’s workout leggings that bring softness and fashion festival leggings that add style, workout pants are made to cater to specific exercise programs and offer supreme form-fitting fabrics, a high waist, moisture-wicking capabilities to manage sweat and flat seams to avoid chafing. They should also be able to stretch and compress without losing their shape, with an interior waist draw cord to ensure they stay up instead of sliding down every few strides.

To find the best pair of leggings to take your workout to the next level, we consulted 18 fitness pros and class instructors (who teach everything from sweaty HIIT to meditative yoga) for their favorite pairs. We gave each pair the “squat test” to see how opaque the fabric was during movement, tested how well they held up against abrasion and moisture and considered whether they were crafted with eco-friendly and/or organic materials.

Elevate Your Fitness Wardrobe: A Comprehensive Guide to Women’s Workout Leggings

While many women are drawn to the comfort of cotton leggings, which are affordable and widely available at Walmart, Forever 21, Target and even Amazon, they can pill over time and don’t keep their shape during wear or stretching. To get the most out of your leggings, look for a blend of polyester and spandex for the ultimate combination of comfort and flexibility. We recommend washing them in cold water, using the delicate cycle and letting them air dry. This will help them last longer and prevent fading and sagging. Athletes may also want to opt for a pair with a gusset, which helps prevent the leggings from riding up during high-impact exercises.

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